Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tabbitha August 22 2010

Tabbitha a Fawn Tabby,  our gentle "old girl"...                     
She was the "mother" of the house. 
She lived with daddy before she met me (mommy) she and had many
 brothers and sisters, her favorite sister was "Baby". 
Daddy took her home from a vets as a baby.
Tabs a pleasantly plump girl, she was still smaller than her brothers, yet she called the shots. 
Tabs grew up with Frankie and Snuggles "the boy's". (scroll down)
When ever the boys would fight, Tabs would race into the room to give both the boys a "what for"!
 Sending them both running from the room, with a scolding smack of her paw on their
 head or butt, as she chased out of the room. 
              Those fury boys loved and respected their mom.

                                                  Christmas and gift wrap, a favorite play thing.
                                                    Tabbatha was such a loving and affectionate kitty.
Clever too, when daddy would say, "where's mommy" she would run over to me.
                                       Boxes were Tabbithas favorite. She felt safe when surrounded.
                                       She had the cutest mew, half a mew really...
 a little and her wee tongue would stick out as she meowed :P 
We almost lost her after that Christmas, thanks to her doctor she made it through...
We had our Tabs with us for another year. 

 Tabbitha our dear sweet "old girl"
Passed away a year later. 
Tabs was 18 years old when she contracted 
Feline infectious peritonitis
                                              This is her daddy...with Tabs a few days before she passed.
       Daddy took her passing very hard, they were together since she was a wee baby. 
Daddy loved her dearly, and she new it.
Tabbitha loved her daddy in return, it showed in her affection towards him, she trusted only him.

                                    Tabs enjoyed the backyard and the sunshine in her last few days.
Tabbatha and "the boys"
                                                               Tabbitha and Frankie
                                                               Tabbitha and Snuggles
                                                           Vanilla Kisses saying "goodbye"
                                                         Mommy (below) with Tabbitha's ...
                                                   I loved her too, and miss her very much.
When we found out she had FIP there was nothing to do except love on her
 and keep her comfortable.
She passed at home in our arms.

      Lilly Pad joined our family much later, she adopted Tabs as her mommy.      
We found it amazing how relentlessly Lilly would lick Tabbatha in her last week non stop...
It was as Lilly felt she could lick her mommy better.
Lilly stayed by her mom, kissing her with all her love till the end. 
                                                Rest In Peace-Tabbitha old girl, we love you...
                                                                       August 22 2010